A commitment to preserving the Amazonas

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The Amazon represents over 60 percent of the world’s tropical rainforests. Over the past months, the international community at large has become aware that the Amazon rainforest is responsible for most of the CO2 absorbed on our planet.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Amazon absorbs more CO2 than it rejects, storing from 90 to 140 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide. The rainforest possesses 20% of the flowing freshwater in the world, and a third of all terrestrial plants, animal and insect species. Because of the vast exchange of water and energy with the atmosphere, it controls part of our climate change, which sums up its importance.

All around the world, forest fires have increased, according to the WWF, causing a rise in global temperatures and animal extinctions.

Aside from harming the environment, it also leaves tribes homeless all around the continent. Nearly 300 million Indians live in the Amazon rainforest, according to the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). At Acai Express, we contribute to the rainforest conservation by securing our harvest and supporting local farmers and businesses by buying organic and local produce whenever possible.

Although many organizations and companies are being of great help to the preservation of the forest, others keep harming it by causing deforestation and worsening global warming. It’s essential to understand the great need of preserving this rainforest. In addition, the Amazon rainforest provides medicines, boasts undiscovered species and is home to many native tribes, it employs Brazilians, and takes care of our planet’s ecosystem.

Besides inviting our customers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, Acai Express has an environmentally conscious mission. We strive to be an environmentally and socially responsible business by helping preserve the rainforest and encouraging others to do so too. After traveling to the city of Belem in 2015, Acai Express’s founder Hector Westerband decided to partner his company with the Brazilian communities.

Since then, we have been working hard to conserve this invaluable source of quality ingredients. We feel socially responsible for this rainforest since it harvests our Grade A acai, and we feel grateful for the lifestyle it has let us adopt.

If you are not already contributing to its preservation, we encourage you to do so, because the Amazon rainforest takes care of our planet.