Meet Our Team

We’re excited to have you join the Acai Express family!
Meet our team of professionals who are ready to support your franchising journey.

Héctor Westerband


Héctor founded Acai Express in 2013 with a single food trailer and a dream. He currently oversees the entire business operation and works on innovating new projects for the brand, most recently: the Pikole frozen popsicle concept and the Acai Express creamery. He’s an avid surfer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

Ricardo Mercadé

Marketing Director

Ricardo leads the team in our franchise marketing efforts, creating sleek designs through his immaculate attention to detail. He practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when he’s not coming up with new designs for the brand.

Ramiro López

Construction and Development Manager

Ramiro oversees all the construction development and implementation for all our store openings. He has an immaculate eye for detail and loves anything that has to do with cars.

Juan Ríos

Operations Manager

Juan makes sure this well oiled acai machine runs smoothly. He’s in charge of the operational side of the business, making sure all franchise stores run well. He’s a family man and currently runs his newly opened franchise store.

Karen López

Accountant Department Director

Karen leads our accounting team as an experienced CPA. She runs on coffee after 3 PM and makes sure the numbers are correct!

Marleen Vélez de Jesús

Human Resources Director

Marleen leads our team on our recruiting efforts. She believes your biggest assets are your employees and she lives by that. She’s a walking miracle as a cancer survivor.

Bárbara Quiñones

Pikolé Production Manager

Barbara brings her culinary background to innovate in the kitchen with our Pikolé popsicle concept, coming up with new flavors monthly. When she’s not working she’s at home with her husband Juan.