When you become a member of the Acai Express family, even though our system is simple and easy to follow, you’ll work one-on-one with me and my team of franchisees and employees to ensure your success. We’re not some faceless corporate giant, we are the guys who get it done, and like you, are committed to success.

The Acai Express Experience

Why Acai Express?

Invest in a fresh and healthy opportunity with a brand that has a proven track record for growth.

When Hector Westerband started the Acai Express bowl and smoothie concept in 2013 he had an idea: to create a franchise system that would be easy to operate, straightforward and scalable. From the very beginning, we’ve been committed to our franchisees success and growth. By investing with us you’ll partner up with us to build, stock, train, prepare and launch your Acai Express store with a proven business model and a dedicated team of professionals that will guide you at every step.

When you invest in an Acai Express franchise you will benefit from these distinct competitive advantages:


Affordable initial investment.


You can eat our menu offerings at any time of the day.


Our grade A acai is sourced directly from Belen, Brazil


System is simple and easy to understand. No hoods, friers or heavy kitchen equipment required.


You will work directly with our experienced management team to optimize your success. We also understand how to run stores because we are the largest franchise owner in the system.


Advertising tools and materials to create the most thorough brand awareness and engagement


You will want to hang out in our sleek and modern stores

The Industry

The healthy eating modalities that have become more popular such as Whole 30, Paleo, Keto, and veganism aren’t just trends, they’re changes in the way consumers are thinking about food and health. Across generations: from Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers people are looking for healthier and cleaner eating options on-the-go. As a quick service bowl and smoothie concept, Acai Express is at the forefront of the rapidly growing health and wellness industry.

The Investment

When you invest with Acai Express you’re not only investing in the best system and acai product, you’re investing in a comprehensive franchisor that cares about your individual success. Your investment will allow you to fully capitalize on a robust healthy lifestyle industry while enjoying top tier support. At Acai Express, communication and transparency at every step of the process is essential. That’s why we’ve included below the costs you should expect to have when you join our franchise family.


Our Franchise Fee


Liquidity Requirement


Net Worth

You are
one step closer

Franchise Training & Support


We work with some of the best real estate companies nationwide and assist you in finding a location through them to build and open the ideal Acai Express store. We take into account geographics, traffic, accessibility, parking, among other factors.

Design & Construction

Acai Express has an in-house design and construction manager that works with you hand in hand to create an as-build. We provide a construction and design manual, while the franchisee hires a general contractor and sources equipment and materials through our vendors.


Our training program spans 2 weeks: one week in our corporate offices and another week in the store once the franchisee is ready to open. We cover company culture, product, customer service, operations, management, marketing, IT, financial training, and supply chain, amongst others.

Brand Development

The Acai Express marketing team works with our franchisees on paid advertising, social media, public relations, ad creation, and influencer campaigns. We share our marketing research and material so you can get tangible engagement and results to fuel your store’s success.

Available Markets

Ask about our South America area developing options and Master Franchise Agreements.

Join Our Family