Franchise training and support

We understand what it’s like to own a franchise because we are franchise owners ourselves

How we support your business

When you invest with Açai Express we will be guiding you step by step throughout the process. Beginning with site selection, we partner with the largest real estate companies in the nation to select a location that fits our criteria. Assisting you in the key points you will need to execute your lease, we work together with our construction and design manual to build a fresh and functional store. This includes: equipment lists through our vendors, ordering signage and marketing materials, while providing training manuals for the team and managers. We are conscious that to run a successful Açai Express franchise our franchisees need the best guidance and support to set them up for success. As franchise owners ourselves, we know what it’s like to be in the trenches of operating and running the business on a day-by-day basis. We’ve come up with effective guides and systems to provide uniquely tailored support for your franchise.


We work with some of the best real estate companies nationwide and assist you in finding a location through them to build and open the ideal Açai Express store. We take into account geographics, traffic, accessibility, parking, among other factors.

Design & Construction

Açai Express has an in-house design and construction manager that works with you hand in hand to create an as-build. We provide a construction and design manual, while the franchisee hires a general contractor and sources equipment and materials through our vendors.


Our training program spans 2 weeks: one week in our corporate offices and another week in the store once the franchisee is ready to open. We cover company culture, product, customer service, operations, management, marketing, IT, financial training, and supply chain, amongst others.

Brand Development

The Açai Express marketing team works with our franchisees on paid advertising, social media, public relations, ad creation, and influencer campaigns. We share our marketing research and material so you can get tangible engagement and results to fuel your store’s success.